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Finding Jesus and Truth in the Qur'an

A Christian Qur'an

The Quran is about Jesus. It is a Christian Quran!

The Quran is a reminder, it does not challenge the previous Scriptures or any Christian teaching.

It reminds and confirms that Jesus is the Messiah and states that he is to be obeyed.

The Quran reminds us of the Good News of Jesus' victory. It praises Mary, the mother of Jesus, and confirms his miraculous birth.

Mohammad did not introduce a new religion, he simply preached the words he as given; hurling truth at unbelievers, so that all might come together in faith.

We need to ignore the false stories and poor translations of the Quran. There is only one God, one religion. There is no other way to God than through his son.

If you imagine the Quran does not praise Christian Believers, then the challenge is for you to find a single verse in the Quran that criticises the Bible or speaks against Christian believers.

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The Quran


The Quran describes itself as a reminder. Reminding unbelievers and believers of the truth of the Bible and that Jesus is to be obeyed.

The Quran confirms that Jesus did not bring new teachings or a new religion, but revealed the same message and the same truth as Moses and the previous prophets (Quran 2:136).

If you are not reminded and not hearing the Quran's truth, then compare the version you are reading with another and check if the words have translated the same way.

Check if the translator has inserted words or added their own interpretation of the original text. Check the source of a statement; is it written in the Quran, or is it only a story from a Hadith? Also, consider whether the meaning of the word or phrase used in the Quran may have changed. The meaning of words can change over time and your assumed definiton may not match that of the Quran.

The Quran is an amazing and beautiful reminder of the truth when you read it in its proper context.






Jesus' Words


The Quran repeatedly quotes Jesus' words and tells us that He is the messenger that still lives and the prophet we are to obey. The Quran reminds us that Jesus will come again on the last day to bear witness of our sins.


Surah 3: Verse: 50 (I Jesus have come to you), to attest the Law which was before me. And to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden to you; I have come to you with a Sign from your Lord. So fear Allah, and obey me.








Mohammad was not a believer but went seeking God in solitude and meditation. Then after experiencing a vision from God, Mohammad became a believer and began to preach the Gospel as it was revealed to him.

Despite enormous opposition, Mohammad persisted and preached the words he received, preaching that Jesus was the Messiah and confirming that he was indeed born of a virgin. Mohammad preached of the resurrection of the dead and that Jesus will come again on the Last day. Mohammad confirmed to believers that the Scriptures and the Gospel were true.

Mohammad was told by God to join with believers, and he initially sent his followers to the Christian Ethiopian King to escape persecution. Later he joined with the Christian believers in Medina. Mohammad seems to have made some poor decisions but be cautious when seeking to point out any wrongs he may have done because there are many false reports and misleading sources of misinformation on Mohammad. We need to be careful not to make any false assumptions or dishonest accusations based on untrue reports.